We provide field maintenance and support for existing Bulk Tank Cleaning operations, along with operational startup and management for newly constructed facilities. Our areas of expertise include facility layout, systems integration, equipment installation, and wastewater pre-treatment processing options for cleaning of Bulk Transportation Equipment.

Primary products offered are air driven rotary spinners and fluid drive units. Air driven rotary spinners are typically deployed with high pressue/low volume single pass use of water with on demand heating systems i.e. Kelton/Peacock Co. self-contained units. Fluid drive rotary spinners are deployed with vat style recirculated use of water with boiler/steam heat systems utilizing plate coils.

In addition to rotary spinner units, Wilmar-Delta provides many additional wash rack/cleaning facility components and services.

Additional services provided are

  • Technical Phone Support
  • Commissioning
  • Modifications / Upgrades
  • Equipment Maintenance
Large White Oil Storage Towers | Wilmar Delta Interior Tank Cleaning
Tanker Truck on Road | Wilmar Delta Interior Tank Cleaning

“A focal point of the operation, DFW Tank Cleaning was designed with the capacity to wash in excess of 800 tank trailers and totes each month. Cleaning is done in a 28,000-sq-ft building with eight bays — three for chemical washes and one for foodgrade cleaning. The wash rack was designed by Ben Kelley, OMK Enterprises.”


– Charles Wilson, Bulk Transporter

Equipment Packages & Systems

We specialize in a wide range of equipment and systems for interior tank cleaning processes.

  • Delta HWB & Kelton/Peacock Machines
  • ASME Coded Pressure Washers
  • Exterior Cleaning Systems
  • Interior Tank Cleaning Systems w/ Single-Pass/On-Demand Heater
  • Recirculating Vat Systems w/Self Contained Boilers
  • Wastewater & Air Treatment Systems
  • Internal Tank Camera Inspection Systems
  • Access Platforms


  • Tank Truck Facility Design; Permitting; Installation & Operation Start-Up
  • Facility Operations Analysis & Consulting
  • Field Service & System Diagnostics

Components & Parts

  • Air Drive Rotary Spinners
  • Fluid Drive Rotary Spinners
  • Solution Pumps
  • BurnerFlow Switches
  • FMC Positive Displacement Pumps
  • ANSI Centrifugal & Return Pumps
  • Combustion Valves & Controls
  • Tank Dryers/Blowers
  • High Pressure Water Filters
  • Machine Control Panels

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