Bill Daum’s, previous owner, experience in the industry traces back to his father’s company-Delta HWB, which evolved out of Malsbary Steam Cleaners in the 1950s.

Bill’s engineering experience was gained with Delta HWB up thru the early 80s when it was sold to Hotsy Corp. Delta HWB produced many types of industrial cleaning systems from small portable exterior pressure washers to large capacity units for fleet maintenance facilities, off-road construction/mining equipment, and hot water supply systems for concrete ready mix plants.

Ben Kelley’s, present owner, experience traces back to his father’s company – Kelton Hot Water Washers, established in late 1950s. The Kelton Company provided equipment for fleet maintenance facilities nationally to motor freight companies, truck leasing, and oilfield service companies. Starting in the mid 1980s these companies moved away from industrial capital equipment and began utilizing smaller non-capitalized import equipment.

This market change brought about Bill Daum joining the Kelton organization, which had begun supplying equipment to the Bulk Transportation industry. This equipment allowed bulk transport operations greater efficiency in operating costs along with a significant increase in quality by providing clean, dry, odor free trailers for reloading.

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In 2001 as Kelton ceased manufacturing, Wilmar-Delta started providing parts and service for existing Kelton customers.

Ben Kelley built and operated a commercial tank truck cleaning operation. After successful start, he joined a local manufacturer, Floyd Peacock Co., by assisting their development of interior tank cleaning systems and sales.

In 2005, Kelley started OMK Enterprises providing consulting service regarding cleaning operations, along with environmental and safety guidance. In 2008, was employed as owner-representative to develop, construct, and provide operational start-up for commercial tank truck cleaning and rail car trans-load facility. Then in 2013, he was employed as director of special projects to provide turnaround and enhance operations at IBC processing facility. In 2014, Kelley rejoined with Bill Daum at Wilmar-Delta as an independent sales engineer.